These lovely ladies came to see our concert and sat in the front row. Needless to say it was a trifle off-putting at times; it made me think of our long lost cousins in Poland who spend their lives eating sausages and little else.   


Melbourne Cup Day Goondiwindi


It was a lovely supper that the ladies in Crows Nest served us after the show.  It made a welcome change from our usual afters of cold chiko rolls and milk.


Dawn shows us where Mrs Evermore’s house is on the tapestry map at Crows Nest Community Hall.


Eve was most taken by these lovely flowers we were given in Crows Nest. The ladies in Crows Nest must be very good gardeners.


This man was very nice. Eve has not stopped talking about his legs since.

Until next time – Mourne, Eve & Dawn


Kenilworth scarecrows:

In Kenilworth they have a very curious tradition. Once a year they bring out their scarecrows to protect the town. Needless to say these three birds got a fright. 

Kenilworth scarecrows

Kenilworth scarecrows

 Kenilworth scarecrows

Kenilworth scarecrows

Kenilworth Hall:

These are the seats especially reserved for bottoms at Kenilworth Hall.

Kenilworth seats

This is the hall where the seats with the bottoms at Kenilworth Hall will sit.

Kenilworth Hall 

Kenilworth accommodation:

Our tour manager got single accommodation at this lovely cottage in Kenilworth.

The rest of us stayed in cottages with a double spa, fireplace and king sized beds. We had fancy croissants delivered to us in the morning, so the porridge went cold.

Until next time – Mourne, Eve, Dawn


The delightful Mourne Kransky sends us their first blog direct from the back seat of the Morris as they embark on their Queensland tour of “Piece of Cake”.

The Morris gets a tune-up before the big journey

The lovely men at Three Point Classic garage gave our Morris a tune-up before we left. They replaced the pantyhose that we’d had on the fan belt and the car is running a treat.

The Morris waits to be packed

Getting ready to pack the Morris.   Eve and I are inside boxing up our clothes and instruments and packing the meat safe. Dawn does all the moving from the house to the car, and ties the load on top of the car with Girls’ Brigade knots.  She’s still got the badge she earned for baking damper in a fox-hole oven.

The receptionist at the QT Gold Coast

A fancy hotel-motel 

We stayed at a fancy hotel on the Gold Coast where the receptionist ladies had taken leave of their job on Star Trek for a working holiday at the Hotel QT.  They were lovely and we admired their matching outfits.   The rooms were filled with wonderful things you could buy.  Dawn spent the night in the Morris, as we were worried she might break something and we’d have to pay for it. 

Biscuits from Friends of the Empire Theatre

Flowers from Friends of the Empire Theatre

The Friends of the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba gave us a box of very tasty home-made biscuits and some wonderful flowers.  We’re rationing the biscuits.

It’s Dawn’s turn next week.


Hello there everyone! It’s Kat here from Treasure Island again, here to tell you all about our adventures from the past 5 weeks.

It’s been such a long time since we last spoke: how you doing? How’s Brisbane going? We’ve been having plenty of good times, hard work and long drives.

After coming home to Brisbane for a few days after our successful Queensland tour, we had just enough time to re-pack the truck, re-pack our suitcases, and set off again down the coast to New South Wales. We also bid farewell to our amazing techs Grant and Dan, who aren’t joining us on the National tour, but said a big hello to our truck driver and all-round-handy-guy Speedy, who will be with us the whole trip around Australia.

We kicked off our National tour in Coffs Harbour, at the lovely Jetty Memorial Theatre. After 3 shows and 2 workshops there, we set off to Armidale, to the Michael Hoskins Centre at The Armidale School. Funnily enough this was Joss’s old school, so he had a good time regaling us with stories from his youth, and also got a chance to impart some of his hard earned wisdom to the senior drama students at the school.

After Armidale, it was off to Tamworth for the night and the beautiful Capitol Theatre. From there it was onto Cessnock for the weekend. After a relaxing day off, we had our last two shows in Cessnock and then set off to Newcastle, to perform at the Playhouse in the Civic Precinct. Check out a picture of our set in the space:

We stayed in Newcastle for a few more days, busily doing lots of shows and meeting lots of people. After our last show on Thursday, we hot-footed it down to Penrith for our bump in at the Q Theatre, where we were performing the next day. We got to spend the weekend in Penrith, where the local show and Leagues Club kept us entertained.

Bright and shiny on Monday morning we left for Sydney, to bump into the Darlinghurst Theatre, where we set up shop for the week. Speedy and I stayed in a nearby apartment building and had a gorgeous view of the city.

The Darlinghurst Theatre Company really got into the Treasure Island theme, and offered copies of the book for sale in the foyer. One of the copies also had the original illustrations inside – they were absolutely beautiful!

Our friends at Sydney Theatre Company also sent us an opening night fax – thank you STC!

And here’s a sneaky shot of the boys warming up backstage before the show.

After our fantastic week in Sydney, we went back up the coast to Gosford for a few days, and performed at the lovely Laycock St Theatre there. Then, it was back all the way down to the Casula Powerhouse, where we had an action packed show with the local schools. Thom also made a new friend at our hotel.

Then it was time to bid farewell to NSW and head on down to Victoria to start the next leg of our tour. We drove straight to Wodonga and were very lucky to be one of the first shows to perform at the brand new The Cube complex. Here’s Joss and Thom having a media call in The Cube’s green room.

 After a weekend off, we left the border and went down to Bairnsdale. We managed to get a bit lost on the way down, but managed to pass through Mt Hotham, which was still in peak snow season!

A lovely present from Thom left for the mountain.

After some great shows in Bairnsdale we’ve now come across to Warrugul, before moving into Melbourne on Saturday with a show at the Clocktower Centre at Moonee Ponds.

Until next time folks, be seeing you soon!



Hello there again mateys!

Well we have reached the end of our Queensland tour! Thank you to everyone who came out and saw the show, asked us lots of questions and wanted to steal the treasure…..We had an amazing time and really appreciated the chance to take a look around our beautiful state.

We started our fourth week in the fantastic Brolga Theatre in Maryborough – here’s a pic of me in front of the set before the show!

After that it was off to Gympie and then Lake Kawana, where we had a great picture in the local newspaper on the day of the show.

Then we went to Crows Nest and from there onto Millmerran for the weekend, where we relaxed by the lake and recharged for our last two shows in Queensland.

After a great show in Millmerran, we drove all the way over to Beaudesert, and to our quirky accommodation in Clandulla Cottages in Boyland, approx. 15 mins out of Beaudesert. Here’s Grant in the Camelot cottage…

We managed to get a day off (apart from setting up the show!) and relaxed on the farm, feeding the animals and enjoying the view.

Then on Wednesday it was off to Beaudesert for our last show and then back up to Brisbane to unload the truck, wash and fix all the costumes and get ready for the National tour!

Here’s our last joke for the State tour: why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?

Because they can spend years stuck at C…….

See you next time!


Well hello there everyone! We’ve had a very busy week, with lots of travelling and new places to explore, from all the way out west in Quilpie to Maryborough.

We started the week by driving from Charleville to Quilpie, on a road which was surprisingly in better condition than the highway! We got everything set up in the Quilpie Shire Hall, and were treated to this amazing sunset before our show.

The next day we drove back through Charleville and onto Roma, where we performed to a cracker of a crowd on Wednesday night. Thanks again Roma!

On Thursday we drove on over to Kingaroy, where we did not one, but TWO shows on Friday afternoon and evening, plus a workshop in the morning. It was a very big day, but Joss and Thom were sure to warm up between shows. Then on Saturday it was another driving day up to Maryborough, where we’ve camped out over the weekend. I managed to run into this lady on Saturday night, no doubt fresh from the Olympic Opening Ceremony and having scared ‘He Shall Who Not Be Named’ away.

Tomorrow we have a show in the lovely Brolga Theatre, and then it’s on to Gympie, Lake Kawana, Crows Nest and Millmerran, then finally Beaudesert before heading home!

Here’s another one for you: how much did the pirate pay to get his ears pierced?

A buck-a-neer!

See you next time!


Hello again good travellers! This week has seemed like Food Week for the Treasure Island crew, from Capella all the way through to Charleville.

We started the week by driving into Capella, where we set up for our show that night in the amazing Cultural Centre there. After our show, we got some very tasty meals from the local pub. I got the chicken breast with bacon, avocado and Hollandaise sauce – very yum!

The next day, on the way to Biloela, Thom challenged and defeated the Mighty Roadhouse Burger, which was almost as big as his head.After our show in Biloela, we went out to dinner at a fabulous Chinese restaurant, and Dan and Thom expressed their love of their deep fried ice-cream, and each other, it would appear.

The end of the week saw us doing shows in Wandoan, Miles (where the local Arts Council gave us a wonderful supper after our show – thanks again Kerry and the team!), and trekking out to Charleville. Grant, Thom and I had some fantastic Thai last night here in Charleville, and finished it up with a chocolate spring roll (I would have gotten a photo, but it didn’t stand a chance around Thom and myself).

Until next week, what’s a Pirate’s favourite letter?




See you next time!


Ahoy there me hearties! Welcome to the Treasure Island tour blog!

We are coming to you from Moranbah this weekend, at the end of our first week of touring. But first, let me introduce you to the crew.

Joss and Thom are our two actors from Queensland Theatre Company, who together play more than 15 different characters during the show. Grant is our lighting technician, Dan our audio technician, and me, Kat, the tour/stage manager. 

We started our tour on Monday in Proserpine, having met up the day before in Airlie Beach – Joss and I, along with our arTour tour co-ordinator Tamara, flew up the day before, while Grant and Dan drove the truck up from Brisbane a few days ago. As much as we were looking forward to living it up down the beach, the weather conspired against us, as it’s been overcast and humid all week.

After great shows in Proserpine, Sarina and Glenden, we drove on down to Moranbah, where we did a show last night. Joss and Thom also led a workshop with some of the children from the community, which everyone seemed to enjoy!

The boys found a way to pass the time as well…indoor cricket with a tennis ball and small piece of wood!

That’s all from us for the moment, tomorrow we’re off to Capella!

See you next time!

Kat xx


While on tour Company Dancer Kathleen Doody has been able to combine her two loves – dance and photography. Kathleen captured some lovely moments as the Company toured regional Queensland….

Gold Coast: Breakfast on the beach before the show with Eleanor Freeman

The Arts Centre Gold Coast backstage – rehearsing for the first performance of tour

Toowoomba – the annual trip to our favourite vintage store

Iona Marques whiling away the bus trip with an interesting book

Gin Gin Travelers Rest Cafe – one of the company’s favourite bus stops for great pies!

Company Dancer Tamara Hanton warming up for a day in the Gladstone Entertainment Centre

Keeping things fresh with an in-room picnic in Gladstone

Taking advantage of cooking facilities in Rockhampton – dinner party Masterchef style

Company Class in the beautiful Beverley Prange studios Rockhampton

Cairns – how lovely does our Cloudland flyer look in this vintage store?

Tamara Z trying not to get into trouble with the Townsville local footy fans while showing support for her own team!

Arrival at our last tour destination! … Mount Isa… or Mount Lisa?

About to step on stage for the final performance of the tour!


Principal Dancer Rachael Walsh checks-in from Gladstone…

The road to Gladstone. A tour tradition, one of Gin Gin’s famous pies…mmmm

After a wonderful performance and an incredible response from the audience in Maryborough, we were on the bus early the next morning ready to take the experience of Cloudland to Gladstone. Our bus trip included a travel stop in Gin Gin and another Queensland Ballet tour tradition of a ‘not to be missed’ pie for lunch at the Travellers’ Rest Cafe. This year my scallop pie exceeded all expectations yet again!

Gladstone gives us a big welcome

It has been quite a few years since Queensland Ballet has performed a full length ballet in Gladstone, and upon arriving it was instantly evident they were excited to have us visit…Cloudland banners, billboards and posters lined the streets and shop windows.

The old dame’s final performance

Our performance was a particularly special one for the city as it was the final evening show at the Gladstone Entertainment Centre before the theatre closes for major refurbishment. The story of Cloudland will be a fitting closing ceremony for the old dame, and the memories I’m sure it holds for many local residents.

A grey Sunday

Sunday was a free day for the Company, unfortunately it was a wet and grey day so much of the time was spent indoors, but we had a lovely dinner to make up for the weather!

A lovely dinner

My friend Helen Graham

It also gave me the opportunity to catch up with good friend Helen Graham, who danced with me many years ago at my local ballet school in Mt.Gambier, S.A.

Rachael with ballet students from Wendy Barker Dance Studios

Helen is now teaching ballet at the Wendy Barker Dance Studios, where one of the workshops led by our Ed Squad (the incredibly talented Tim and Emma) was held. It was lovely to reconnect with Helen; it was also a wonderful chance for me to talk with her about her students, dance in regional centers and the importance of exposure to live performance for aspiring dancers. Her students were very excited about the Company’s performance and about the opportunity to participate in the workshops offered.

The talented EdSquad – Tim and Emma

Our Arrow Energy Dance+ Workshops and school holiday workshops have had an incredible response in each place we’ve visited. Tim and Emma are so passionate and offer an inspiring and informative experience for young dancers. One of these young dancers may one day become the next Queensland Ballet star….who knows!

View from the stage

Performance day in Gladstone finally arrived and we had a lot to achieve in our technical rehearsal to fit the ballet onto a stage that was much smaller than we had performed on so far. Cloudland has many big group scenes, as well as the band on stage with us throughout the ballet. Fortunately we were in the very capable hands of Ballet Master, Christian Tátchev, who soon had everything sorted smoothly and we sailed calmly into the performance.

Piano practice at half hour call

From the wings – the Debutante Ball scene in Act 2

The Gladstone audience was generous and warm and some stood to applause at the end of the show. The evening finished with a function in the foyer, it was a great opportunity to speak with the audience, local arts lovers and ballet students. We enjoy connecting with our audience and we particularly love hearing people’s own stories of their time at the iconic Cloudland ballroom.

One couple we spoke to, who had been married for 45 years, had met and had their first kiss at Cloudland. It was a touching walk down memory lane for them. It makes me soooo happy that we can tell this story for them.

Christina and Peter (me and Keian Langdon) performing

Go dancers go-go!

The company is in good spirit and dancing well, I particularly enjoyed watching the disco scene this evening….go dancers go-go!!

Thank you Gladstone, goodnight old theatre. Onwards now further north, Rockhampton is our next venue.

Love Rachael x